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Selling and Buying of Software Products in Indian Market

India, with its huge consumer base, is one of the most favored destinations for multinationals and domestic companies to offer their software products. Every year large number of domestic and international companies launches their software products in the Indian market with a belief that they will make it big. But Indian market for software products is still developing and needs time to attain a considerable level of maturity. The software product market in India is still fragmented. Most of the companies in India still functions in a traditional way and lack the global competitive edge when it comes to sell software products. While designing software products for Indian market the domestic players fails to offer an appropriate solution to the customers. This result in a wide gap between what is needed and what is being offered.

There is huge demand for software products in Indian market, provided they offer the right solutions to the underlining problems faced by the customers. Many Indian software companies have been able to establish themselves with their software products but that too seems like a provisional effort. One of the primary reasons for failure of the software product is lack of experience, especially design and marketing experience, necessary to produce a successful product. Indian software companies need to spread more awareness regarding their products and its usage which will help them reach to their customers faster. Currently the enterprise software market is most profitable and with better cost advantages, infrastructure and communication channel along with strong brand-building effort India will become one of largest software products consumers.

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